10 Best tourism business ideas

Tourism business Ideas

Tourism business Ideas.
Traveling is an industry that is profitable all over the year but after the lockdown people start to visit more and more places in the world to overcome the sickness of lockdown. This industry is one of the most profitable industries in the previous year.

According to the world travel and tourism council (WTTC) in London. Last year the tour and travel industry contributed $8.6 trillion to the global economy.

The tourism and traveling industry are broadly divided into two different segments. The national and the overseas. For both segments, people want so many facilities such as the best hotel, best food, best companions, and many more. Thus, there is a very large scope in traveling as a business point of view.

What are the 5 most important and profitable Tourism Business Ideas?

  • Accommodation
  • Food and beverage services
  • Recreation and entertainment
  • Travel services
  • Transportation

First, you need to identify the requirement of the customers and interests in which you can survive for a long period of time.

For example: – if you also want to travel the world and have knowledge and interest in history then you can easily become a guide, while if you like to stay in an office and continue your work from there then you can become a traveling agent, the only work is to collect people for a tour or trip and you can easily earn good amount of money as commission.
But before starting or entering a new business you have a lot of questions in your mind that where to start and how to invest properly whether it is about money or time.

The most common question that comes to mind is where we can get the proper information about the industry.

How do I start a tour and travel business?
Is this industry growing?
How to manage this business and earn as well?
What are the main sectors in the traveling industry?

For good exposure to the tour and travel industry, we created a list of business and job ideas in which you can enter this industry.

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How much does it cost to start a travel agency?

Well, this is the question where all things depend on, lets clear that in this industry the cost of investment is directly dependent on the work that you are interested in like if you want to open a traveling agency then you need to invest in office furniture and marketing; while if you have no investments in the beginning then still there are lots of opportunity in this industry for you.

For a good suggestion, you can check the below


List of the 10 Best tourism business ideas.


Your own traveling agency

This business is the most common and profitable to enter in this industry, where you can earn a decent amount of money without having a lot of investment.

There are two ways through which you can enter this business.

First, you can open your own independent agency and second is that you can have a franchise of any well-settled agency, which helps you to overcome the competition in your locality.


Travel and tourism management course

If you want to earn well for a long time then you need to stay in this industry for a long time, so the best option is to complete a course on tourism and travel management.

After completing the course, you can easily get a job in any reputed well-settled traveling company.

The duration of a course is based on its acceptability, like 2 years of diploma in tour and travel or 3-year graduation in traveling management.

There are many jobs on the basis of the course you have done like: – senior manager, director, marketing head, assistant manager, etc. like as other professions your salary depends on the skills and experience.


Tour guide

Tourism business Ideas

while traveling people like to visit new places but they don’t know much about the history and culture of that place, so being a tour guide you need to tell them about the related facts that they want to know about.

So, if you have an interest in history and travel then this job is great for you.

This is a job where you can earn a lot without investing money (your all expenses during a tour are done by the customers).


Hospitality and housekeeping

While traveling people visit new places and they don’t know where to stay so as a hotel manager you need to contact the different travel agencies so that they can send their tour group to stay at your hotel. Hospitality and Housekeeping are also the best and most effective tourism business ideas.

This deal is simple you just need to give a share to the owner of the traveling company and you can earn a good amount of money.



When people visit places like mountains and tracking that he doesn’t come back for having lunch at the hotel so in that condition they need someone who can cook healthy and tasty food for them.

In the traveling industry, the need for a chef is important and if you are interested in cooking and traveling then you can simply have a chef job in any tourism and travel company.



Traveling lovers go to many different places but do not all time they know the language of that place so they need a person who can help them to understand the language of that place.

An interpreter is a job in which the person can tell people about a place in their native language.



This is a skill-based job in which you tell people about how to use any particular things like the boat, paragliding, etc. while traveling people go to places and they love to adventure so they start riding a boat or doing paragliding; but the problem is that they don’t know how to use that properly, here comes you as an expert who teaches them about the proper functioning of that equipment. It is one of the Sizzling  tourism business ideas

You can just be an expert, or you can invest some amount and start your own business of boats or paragliding depending on your sector of interest.


Travel Nurse

Climate and weather vary from place to place so there are more chances that people get sick.

Thus, there is always a requirement for a nursing staff who is qualified enough to handle the situation.

Some basic knowledge of medicines and experience as nursing staff in healthcare or some basic knowledge like how to give CPR.

If you have qualifications and experience, then you can apply for this job in any travel agency.


Event planner

When we go for an adventure tour then there are so many activities to perform but we don’t know which activity to perform first or which is not even safe, also while traveling we can not manage the time properly because this is not our day-to-day life part, so we need an expert who tells and plan everything to us. This is one of the best  tourism business ideas

Here comes the job profession of an event planner who manages everything for a tour and makes it more adventurous and safer.


Travel Advisor

Happens many times that we need to travel to overcome the sickness, but we are not sure where should we go. We need an advisor who helps us to decide the location which is best for our nature and health.

So, the role of a travel advisor is to identify the nature of the person and tell them about which place is best for them to travel to at which time.

This advice may be dependent based on budget, health, and safety. Many people who have a heavy workload always take advice from a travel advisor and thus a travel advisor can earn a good amount of money depending on his skills.


These are 10 Tourism business Ideas you can try if you want to start Tourism Business.

All the information given in this article is based on heavy research and preparation for a better understanding of the facts and statics of this industry. Hope this article “10 Best tourism business ideas” is helpful for you and guides you toward a brighter future in terms of career selection.

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