Success Story of Licious | Founder, revenue of Licious

Success Story of Licious


Licious is India’s largest D2C(direct-to-customer) Unicorn based in Bengaluru. Licious as a company operates on a ranch-to-chopstick model, retaining the entire reverse-end force chain and cold chain.

The company holds a brandwidth of five leading recent processing centers, one of each established in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurugram/Gurgaon, and the other two are settled in Bengaluru for the sake of the company’s headquarters.

Licious is honored with the FSSC22000 UKAS instrument for food safety.

Deals are veritably safe and more secure than with Licious. For the suckers of Non-veg, pining for meat out of blue and do not know where to find it! Well, Licious has got your reverse.

Licious, to say strives for the quality and freshness they serve to the consumer’s table around the corner. It is the key factor that generates its popularity based upon the consumer’s feedback and fidelity towards the brand.

Serving the stylish and finest of meat to its clients, Licious is doing awful.

When you’re on a remarkable day outing, to have a taste of flavourful delicacy just to satisfy the greed of your taste buds for your favorite non-veg culinary or a major succulent funk, mutton, eggs, omelet or dishes cooked with fish is simply a hankering objective that grows impatience inside you.

Still, indeed if we plan to have a quick snack out of the non-veg dishes, there are times that we do not manage to find them at our homes these days. But not more now! Because the most prominent and exotic, freshly delivered meat with a variety of choices at your doorstep, satisfies the lip-smacking hunger you carve for every day.

But before moving ahead, you must know how this brand is serving such a delicate service at your foot each mile.

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Success Story of Licious


With the study that India deserves better meat, Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta came across the idea to take up the initiative to serve the country fresh meat, which was also a problematic condition to be solved then.

Licious has established an enterprise that procures fresh flesh and sells it to guests with a guarantee that it’s fresh and wholesome. It has come as a secure source for carrying fresh flesh in a country where the process has preliminarily been sketchy.

The statistics or analytics for the website owned by Licious graphs up that there is an increasing number of people’s interest in the products and a great rise in the engagement of their services offered. The average number of yearly visits to the website is a stunning figure which gives a wholesome and promising trust to the consumer in persons.

This is the prior reason which has given Licious a justifying and satisfactory high-ranking count of 771 along the way, whereas millions of other serving websites registered on the huge world wide web.

This figure is driven by businesses all around and Licious has a dramatically high yearly volume that proves it is a fast-growing company at a rate of 16.5 percent per annum as to be mentioned.

Now the point comes about, how licious manages such a giant business model! And what is the strategic planning behind the bars which is giving it a kick?


What is the Profit making Model of Licious?

You won’t find shares of Licious available on any of the world’s stock request exchanges. This is because the authors and leadership platoon have decided to keep the incipiency as an intimately possessed business.

Licious has an n number of investors present out there who are confident enough about this business model to continue to thrive for the long term. But the story has some other plans on the other side, just saying for the sake of the company’s growth in upcoming years.

Licious started its operations in 2015. As of December month of 2019 when the incipiency completed a round of Series E-backing, the valuation was placed at $ 285 million. Such a big deal which sounds really great, right?

Since that time, the valuation has grown to well over double that figure to $ 650 million to count on. It’s snappily approaching the triadic value mark. And it can erect up to utmost and incomparable business models which will give rise to companies pacing alike in the future and the competition to beat each other can graph upward with time.

As estimated, the value is worth crores, and no company is in this race for up to the next five years against Licious.

In March 2022, Licious raised their Series F2 of 150 mn. Series F2 is led by Singapore-grounded Amanda Capital, along with Kotak PE & Axis Growth Avenues AIF-I.
Investors have also shared in the round along with prominent angel investors including Nithin & Nikhil Kamath of Zerodha, BoAt’s Aman Gupta, and Haresh Chawla, Partner, True North. These leading giants in the stream of huge investment, being one of its investors can increase the cap value of Licious to a benchmark line.


Licious Founders

Licious Founder

Licious as the world now knows is possessed by pleasurable Gourmet Pvt Ltd., which was innovated lately in the month of July 2015 by two beauty brains named Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta. Both of them are father figures to the company to officially launch it in October month of the same year 2015.

To name them on the top list of most influential owners of such a giant unicorn startup, Abhay Hanjura had worked previously for a well-known insurance company named Futurisk insurance. And the co-owner of Licious Vivek Gupta had worked priorly for the company named Helion gambles,

Hanjura got a degree in the field of biotechnology that too from an Indian Institute of Insurance alumnus. Vivek stands up as a rank-holding commerce graduate and one of the most competent chartered accountants from the same.


What to expect from Licious?

Licious serves several raw materials for your quick non-veg craving, especially on morning days or weekends when you’re sitting freely with your family or loved ones in the dining. The culinary you can expect from Licious include- fresh and cleanly packed eggs, chicken, prawns, fish, seafood, and so on.

If you see an ad on your TV or during your show on Netflix about Licious, and you feel like cooking for yourself and serving a retreat to your soul, Licious is just a click away from you!




Is licious funk good?

As per the client standing over the internet, it’s enough clear that Licious chicken is great. They’re duly marinated, with proper cuts and tender meat. Indeed the meat isn’t too old, unlike other retailers. Licious pledges to deliver nice services and it seems they’re holding on to it relatively well. If you have missed on tasting the funk Licious offers you, yet too you’re probably missing out on a perfect retreat of your life. They also present numerous funk dishes on their spots for guests to try at home and taste the delicacy. Sounds great, no? Because which company has such a welcoming gesture to dare try this for really free and fierce!? Ummm!!!


Where does Licious get its meat from?

Licious has been claiming from the very start that 50 percent of their incipiency’s meat truly comes from its own granges or inventories modeled up for the production, which used to be only 10 back in the year 2020.

Similarly, Licious mutually owns its processing and anytime or anywhere present delivery centers to showcase its grand presence around the market, which is a spiced-up gossip for many.

Deals are veritably safe and more secure than with Licious.

They acquire both web platforms as well as mobile applications.
The brand is majorly focused on Consumer fidelity.

Licious has taken a forward step to save mother nature and started removing the smirch going in and around meat right from they started the company.

Rather than black plastic bags, Licious vended meat in neat boxes and leakage-evidence sacks and holders.


Is licious Frozen or Fresh?

Numerous of meat requests fail to deliver wholesome quality flesh for the millions of people who live there. The hot climate presents a problem for keeping seafood and meat cool enough to save the quality. It was getting decreasingly delicate to find healthy and fresh flesh until Licious opened for business. It’s perfecting the overall health of the people of India by furnishing them with the flesh, seafood, and other flesh that the public solicitations. Deliveries are completed within a couple of hours after online orders from consumers are entered.

So fresh funk stays in the refrigerator for a shorter quantum of time, while firmed funk lasts for months. That’s no mistrustfulness why there’s a difference in taste and texture when firmed funk is cooked.

As a sapient food nut, you can fluently figure out the difference between fresh and frozen funk meat. When firmed funk is fused to presto, it loses its humidity and becomes tough and leathery.

It loses its soft tenderheartedness. firmed funk meat fails to sate your taste kids.

This is a problem we sought to fix, by bringing you fresh funk that’s home-delivered for convenience. Not only is our funk fresh, but it’s also raised on biosecure granges, passed through 150 safety & quality checks, cut & gutted by experts & vacuum-packed to prop further in newness!


How to order meat/fish/eggs from Licious?

You can go to the website of Licious and open the tab of the menu, from where you can order the stuff of your choice from the order now section with a click. Or simply, download the app of Licious to get some discounts on your orders.


List of the competitors who can beat Licious.

The top list of the competitors of Licious is-
TenderCuts etc.

Moreover, the fast-paced Licious cannot be beaten so soon by its competitors.



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