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HealthKart Review

Overview of Healthkart

In the coming years, healthcare will undergo a major transformation. Without a doubt, such a transformation will be driven by technological improvements.

The development of the internet and the growth of both physical and mental illnesses have also contributed to increased public awareness of health issues.

These factors are all encouraging people to view healthcare from a preventive and fitness perspective.

These tendencies are enduring and will only become more apparent in the years to come. People are more inclined to choose preventative care approaches, which include the consumption of good nutrients and efficient supplements, in addition to the expanding culture of exercising the body physically to keep it active and promote optimal functioning.

A healthcare start-up company called HealthKart supports people’s health and well-being. A variety of health products are made available online in India by the Gurugram-based wellness firm, enabling people to live healthy, active lives.

In addition, HealthKart offers a selection of fitness-related products and services to assist customers in achieving their fitness objectives.

HealthKart is acclaimed as India’s No. 1 authentic online supplement store. It was founded in March 2011 by two IIT graduates with extensive experience in the healthcare and technology sectors, both in India and the US.

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What is HealthKart and how does it operate?

Men’s and women’s online health and fitness retailer HealthKart provides both health products and services to assist customers in achieving their fitness objectives.

The health store offers real nutritional supplements, fitness gear, weight-loss products, protein supplements, sporting products, and wellness items.

Proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other high-quality supplements, obtained from all over the world, are available at HealthKart in a wide variety.

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The Startup Story of HealthKart


HealthKart India was established in March 2011 with the goal of providing quick, practical answers to health enthusiasts.

HealthKart currently has the largest online selection of real healthcare products available in India, including all major brands and categories.

People can browse HealthKart products on, compare them, and purchase health products online.

Prashant has always wanted to work in the healthcare sector. He got in touch with Sameer Maheshwari and pitched the concept to him after noticing that the health industry was one of the least organized and that getting access to high-quality health products was extremely difficult in India.

After that, they came together and founded Bright Lifecare Pvt. Ltd., the parent firm of HealthKart.

Anyone would be guaranteed a profitable job with a degree from Stanford or Harvard Business School. Sameer Maheshwari and Prashant Tandon experienced the same thing.

The latter received his degree from Stanford, while the former graduated from Harvard. Maheshwari and Tandon actually left their professions to launch, an all-in-one online store for healthcare requirements. Before beginning health care with patients, they collaborated with medical professionals and institutions.

The pair experimented with two to three alternative business strategies, from venturing into the public healthcare market to providing practice management software for solo practitioners and small clinics.

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Business and Revenue Model for HealthKart

The creators experimented with two to three various business strategies, including venturing into the public healthcare market and providing practice management software for solo practitioners and small clinics. But the two also understood that they wanted to work in the consumer sector, so after gathering sufficient knowledge of the healthcare sector and expertise, they founded HealthKart India to sell healthcare products directly to consumers. In a nutshell, HealthKart is an online store that promises to be a one-stop shop for all products connected to health and fitness. It operates in a conventional retail format, keeping in stock the majority of the goods that customers see on display and accepting online orders.

HealthKart: Growth and Revenue

With over 1000 employees, HealthKart in India has expanded from a small team of four in March 2011 to achieve its long-term ambition of being the country’s largest e-health store. HealthKart India, which focuses on consumer healthcare products, has over 200 brands and authorized suppliers listed on its website as of right now and provides fitness, personal care, and health products online across many categories.

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FAQs on Healthkart

1. When was HealthKart founded?

In 2011, Prashant Tandon and Sameer Maheshwari founded HealthKart.


2. Who founded HealthKart?

Prashant Tandon and Sameer Maheshwari founded HealthKart in 2011.


3. Does HealthKart own MuscleBlaze?

Yes, HealthKart is the owner of MuscleBlaze.


4. Who is the founder of Muscleblaze?

The creator of HealthKart, Sameer Maheshwari, also founded Muscleblaze.


5. What are HealthKart’s revenue streams?

The typical retail format that HealthKart uses allows customers to place online orders for the majority of the products they see on display. HealthKart’s primary source of income is the online selling of the health products it manufactures. Other services, such as home delivery and others, generate the remaining revenues.


6. How are the product authentication checks performed on HealthKart?

The genuineness and high caliber of the products that HealthKart sells are unquestionably its USP. Tight quality controls applied to the sourcing and distribution of the products are what drive the Healthkart product authentication check. HealthKart guarantees 100% product authenticity through strict product authentication tests.

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