3 Best Marketing strategy of curefit: You Need to Know Everything

3 Best Marketing strategy of curefit

Marketing strategy of curefit: You Need to Know Everything

When it comes to marketing strategies, there are plenty of different approaches you can take to help grow your business.

However, many companies choose to focus on word-of-mouth advertising in order to generate interest among potential clients. Because if people enjoy your product or service, they will be sure to talk about it with their friends. Here is everything you need to know about the CureFit Healthcare marketing plans and strategies.

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About the Curefit

CureFit Healthcare Pvt Ltd is India’s first digital fitness and wellness company that offers services in the areas of yoga, meditation, and nutritional counseling.

Founded by Mukesh Bansal along with Ankit Nagori, the company has the backing of Tiger Global Management, Sequoia Capital, and Accel Partners among others.

CureFit was founded on 15 December 2016 in Bengaluru, Karnataka (India). As of October 2022, the company has raised $145 million from its investors including Zomato, Myntra, Swiggy, etc.


Curefit Business Model

Curefit is an Indian fitness start-up founded by Ankit Bathla and Mukesh Bansal in 2016. Along with health and fitness, it will be going to be the first sports coaching company in India. It will offer various types of courses from different fields of sports, such as cycling, yoga, soccer, swimming, etc.

The company’s business model relies on a subscription-based pricing system and it plans to expand its services gradually into different sectors of the health & fitness and sports market in India.

Curefit has raised a total funding of $120 million so far, with their last round of funding coming in at $38 million. According to various sources, their website claims that they have over 5 million members registered with them currently and their number of active users is said to exceed 10 lakhs per day.

They also claim that they plan to become one of the top five personal healthcare brands globally within five years. In order to promote this service, Curefit hires ambassadors who show up for events and make sure people know about their products through advertising campaigns on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

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The Three Pillars of CureFit’s Marketing Strategy

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CureFit has an interesting marketing strategy that is based on three pillars.

  • The first pillar is the story of founder Mukesh Bansal, who was a part of Flipkart’s founding team and was later pushed out by the board of directors.
  • The second pillar is that they only serve fresh healthy food and beverages.
  • The third pillar is there are no membership fees.

It is all about giving people access to affordable fitness options so more people can become healthier. They have partnered with Myntra, Zomato, and Swiggy for restaurant deals and discounts when you buy groceries at local stores.

Their app also has features such as personalized training programs, video tutorials from trainers and nutritionists, unlimited workouts, meal plans, etc.

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How CureFit Uses Technology in Its Marketing

CureFit has a digital-first marketing strategy that takes advantage of the latest technologies and social media trends.

Its website, for instance, allows users to sign up for its fitness and wellness plans without having to talk to someone on the phone.

They also use popular fitness apps such as Nike+ Run Club and Fitbit’s MyFitnessPal, so that people can track their progress on their mobile devices. They have partnered with these apps to offer exclusive deals and promotions.

With over 200 employees in different parts of the world, it is easy for them to stay connected through various tools like the video conferencing app Zoom, and Slack for instant messaging, and Google Drive for document storage.

Their office setup is designed to encourage collaboration among teams, who work together closely in an open environment filled with natural light. Apart from this, they conduct regular 1:1 meetings which are one of the most important things they do to grow their talent.

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What CureFit’s Marketing Means for the Future of Healthcare

Curefit’s marketing strategy is a big deal for the future of healthcare. The company aims to provide an all-in-one wellness and fitness experience that does more than just give you the tools to get healthy. But It also provides the support needed during your journey.

This means that not only are they providing a way for people to get healthy, but they are also providing a community where people can go and feel supported when they need it.

They believe in doing things together as a group so that no one has to do it alone. They want their members to know that even though they may be struggling with weight loss or exercise, there will always be someone who understands and wants them to succeed.


Curefit Fitness & Gym Workout App

Curefit is a fitness and gym workout app, designed for both fitness enthusiasts and beginners. The app has many features that are designed to help users stay motivated and achieve their goals. These features include:

Ability to set fitness goals
Track progress
Share workouts on social media
Workout sessions include weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, and more.

The best part about this fitness and gym workout app is that it also provides personalized training programs for every goal. Whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get fit. With this solution by your side, you can be sure of achieving your desired shape and size.


Conclusion on Curefit Marketing

Marketing is an important part of any business, and it is essential for startups. The fact that there are so many ways to market a company means that it is not enough to just be good at one type of marketing. With the right marketing strategy, you can have a successful startup on your hands with little time or effort.

Curefit’s unique marketing strategy involves a combination of both word-of-mouth and social media. Their social media channels are available in both English and Hindi, making it easier for people who don’t speak English to stay up-to-date on the latest information. This innovative approach has made them one of India’s top fitness brands.

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